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Welcome to Aztec Road Virtual Assistant’s Portfolio site! Welcome to 2019!! 

I have over 30 years of secretarial and customer service skills that I have utilized in each of my careers. I first worked as a Secretary at a local Housing Authority then I went into being a Certified Nursing Aide/Home Health Aide, then into Logisitics (driving 18-wheelers) and then into Retail Merchandising. All of those were challenging careers and have affected my physicality so I am trying to hone in on my secretarial and customer skills to forego the journey of being a Virtual Assistant.

I also love research. Research is a huge role in understanding niches that we choose to utilize in our everyday lives. You were first shown how to utilize a spoon to start being able to feed yourself…well, after learning how to hold the bottle…so, it’s perfectly natural that we learn things before we delve into them.

That’s the kind of person I am…my friends love coming to me to find out information on things they need. They have the same resources, they had just rather know and do it than to do the research to solve their own problem…so, I decided to come up with a Virtual Assistant business so that I might run into some clients that are needing someone to go the extra mile to help them go their extra mile…while saving them time.

My fees are negotiable per each service as I know that different businesses require different job sets. So, please, reach out to me to see if I may be of help. I’m a pretty knowledgeable old gal and if I can be of service, feel free to email or call or hit me up through Facebook.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!