Welcome to Aztec Road Virtual Assistant!

aztec road virtual assistantHello! My name is Cheryl Haynes! I’m a highly trained entrepreneur that provides administrative support service via the internet to meet your growing or large business needs.

I have traveled throughout the United States as a truck driver and retail merchandiser and have ran across some very interesting people, not to mention my large family.

Everyone has a very unique way of expressing their ways…as well we should.  Whether it’s through colors, designs, written or orally, expression is very important in this day in time…a voice to be heard.

I have had to change careers due to health reasons and I thought that I would show a little of my creativity since creativity and visual ideas do sell.

This leads me to why I am in love with graphic design and writing and photography.  I do have some published poems, I started writing those as a child and still enjoy writing a good one…they pop out of nowhere, usually while driving down the road (country roads will do that for you).

I’m hoping my portfolio gives you an idea of what I enjoy doing and that through here, you can also see what and who I enjoy working with.  I do have a great networking system and if I don’t know something, I will do research or educate myself on the matter until I get you exactly what’s best for you.

Until next time…enjoy life, stay positive and keep on clicking those buttons!

Please click here if you have any inquiry or questions about anything.