aztec-roadWhen Mrs Haynes took on helping me create my logo I didn’t even know what I wanted it to be. Only that I wanted to use the colors of the spider that my company is named for. She created a very simple graphic with the perfect balance of colors. This was very important to me, that it matched the color proportions of the gooty spider. She picked up on this without me telling her. I am very impressed with not only her professional demeanor and kindness but also with her intuitions and promptness. She had the project done way earlier than I was expecting!”

Daniele M Robbers.

victor-winnersCheryl Haynes is not just an expert administrative assistant, she has this ability to help you out, fix your stuff and make you feel almost as if you’re the one doing it. Before she started editing my blog, there were typos and errors I used to skip either because of inadequate attention or another tight schedule. Now with her assistance I’ve been able to do less and spare myself more time. When it comes to virtual assistance, Cheryl is my go to person. And I’ll gladly recommend her services.

Victor Winners.

CEO, Victor Winners Dot Com!