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Resources Are you interested in learning about blogging from the basics and getting to know stuff that will give you an edge in the blogosphere? Then this free Smart Blogging Tutorial is for you.

In conjunction with the Victor Winners’ Smart Blogging College, I’ll be teaching you everything about blogging in the next 30 days. You’re going to scoop as much as you want from my more than four years blogging experience.

As part of giving back to the #winnersnation and readers of VWDC, i made the tutorial free and open to everyone. So you can go ahead learn, ask questions and share each of these tutorials with your friends.

In today’s tutorial, I’ve listed out over 7 strong reasons why people opt for blogging. Number one is something you’ve heard a lot about. Number two is another not too familiar reason that’s really cool for a special kind of blogging. You want to learn why people blog?

Follow this link to see today’s topic and join the blogging tutorial


What if you could start-up your home based online business and perhaps learn something or two by the side free?

That sounds unbelievable right?

But wait a minute.

This isn’t one of those sleazy sales messages you read on the internet.

As you will notice on this site, I set up my virtual assistance business with the help and support of certain individuals.

One of them is…


Kristin helps people to start up their online business either as a full time business or side hustle.

She’s written series of case studies and free e-books that will help you build an audience for your online business from the popular Pinterest and other platforms.

You can also get other stuff from Kristin here.

Another person that’s helped me through this journey is Gina Horkey.

Gina with her very useful 30 days or less to freelance success has been of immense help to me. The program, together with the horkey handbook has given me a very good start of point and strategies in setting up my self as a virtual assistant.

And not just that. Gina’s expertise led me to affiliate with her. Her free offer of a list of websites that pay writers a decent amount of money including a free start-up course for freelance writing is almost too good to be true.

Lastly, there’s this inspiring free monthly report which tells you about everything she’s doing to earn five figures every month. It’s just amazing, isn’t it?

So I was thinking about letting you in on all of these. Perhaps you can find it helpful and maybe learn something or two for your own good.

So there you go. Grab yourself a chair and a cup of coffee or pop/iced tea. Click on any of these links and it will get you directly to the freebies. Grab the free resources. Learn as much as you can and get you started with your online business.

Here, I will post the links exactly as it is so that in case you didn’t click it up there, you can do that right below…

This is the link to Horkey Handbook, a course for freelance writers.

This one is for the free course on freelance writing. Get it here.

Next is the link to the three free courses you can choose from. Click here to get it.

This other link is for the inspiring free monthly report on how Gina’s making 5 figures every month. Access it here.

There is this other link for Virtual assistants. Check it out here.

And the last but very important link here is a special course for Virtual Assistants. If you want to learn everything it takes to get started as a Virtual Assistant, click to access the free course here.

The Freelance Writing Riches…

Alright, alright! There is this other exciting program specifically for freelance writers too Freelance Writing Riches!

Freelance Writing Riches empowers freelance writers to make money online and eventually quit their day job so they can experience more financial freedom.
If you’re about making this transition from 9-5 to something more like you’re in charge..(and I know I have friends and family that love to write, some are even published) then this link right here is what you should check out. Get it here now.

Now that’s all about the free resources to kick-start your next online business listed up there.

Like I said earlier, click those links! Grab these courses! Get started! And thank me later!

You too have the same opportunity as myself to get to working for yourself!  Dreams truly do come true if you can get yourself motivated enough to pursue.

Affiliate Links

Below are some of my affiliate links and other free stuff which can really be of benefit to you.

Box of challenge: This particular program is a cool innovative idea that will send people a box a month that offers different things each month for kids…here is the link so that you can see.

Inbox Dollars This website pays you cool dollars for every time you spend a few minutes to do some insignificant review or watch videos etc. It’s really a cool way to earn money without doing a whole lot. Click this link to check it.

Please note that if you click on these affiliate links i might be compensated if you actually follow through and take appropriate action.

I hope that wasn’t a ton of stuff?


Alright. Will you head over here and check out what goes?
To your Success!